Behind The Glass
the online art collection of 
Natalie Roseman and friends

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Natalie Roseman owned and operated Behind The Glass Art Gallery and Studio from 2013-2017 with the help of many local artists, family and community support. This gallery was a lifelong dream and was very fulfilling even though the time was short.  The personal artist website and gallery website will be combined here so that more artists can connect and Natalie can have her art out on view and not just boxed up and crammed in several corners. Feel free to contact the artist for art availability or see some of the artwork currently display at other local favorite spots, Exquisite Piercing and Bobzbay both located on Main Street in Downtown Bloomington, IL.

At Behind The Glass, we focused on providing various art services and original artwork to appease many viewers.  Enjoy the episode of Gentlemen Trotters in which our French guest visits the Gallery and Studio and interviews the owner, intern, artist, and student.