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Exhibited Artists

Dave Moe             Peoria, IL

Chrissy Reineke            Bloomington, IL

Chrissy Reineke is an emerging artist who was born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois. From ages twelve through seventeen she was a competitive rock climber, an experience which cemented her awe of nature and confirmed her wish to explore it through art. She worked her way through school with house painting and customer service jobs until she graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Painting and Art History. Printmaking and philosophy were her unofficial minors and both have greatly influenced her work. Chrissy resides in Bloomington with her husband, where she works in stage crew when she is not painting.

Artist Statement:

Process takes over in these colorful layered abstractions based on natural forms. The use of custom made stencils and spray paint make these works a lively balance between fine and street art.

Michael Mayer        Bloomington, IL

Michael Mayer is an artist, teacher, photographer, Scout, midwesterner, and reluctant naturalist. His work engages the environment and explores the crossover between his experience as an observer of landscape and the viewer's experience of everyday reality. By creating opportunities for the viewer to experience landscape through image, his photography creates a dialog between artist and viewer and questions assumptions about the environment around us. By presenting the natural landscape, mediated through the print and the lens, his work moves beyond the standard 100 feet outside the park attendees' car and asks the viewer to come along on a journey of engagement, through which artist and viewer question assumptions about the world around them and develops a sense of exploration, both of the natural landscape and the everyday.

Nathan Parks        Normal, IL

Nathan Parks is a self-proclaimed theoretical physicist and hypothetical inventor residing in Normal, Illinois, where he spends his time making non-academic art and music but mostly doing the same stuff that everyone else does.

His latest body of work is currently on display at the gallery...


Microscopic robots evolving traits of insects, plants, humans, and ancient sea creatures

Infecting their surroundings  

Pheromonal attraction

A mother tends to her young

Loneliness ensues

Ira Klein       Bloomington, IL

Ira is a Midwestern artist of many different forms; writer, a musician, a DJ, and a photographer just to name a few of his creative passions. Photography has been a field of self expression that he has dabbled in since he was barely a teenager, taking courses in both high school and college. In his later years of high school, he began experimenting with the digital arts and soon found himself applying his knowledge to his photography, making his visions and ability to express his self virtually limitless.

Whether it be capturing those slice of life moments just too hard to pass up, or taking those images and morphing them through a series of stages, into something new and unrecognizable. 

Elizabeth Graehling        Bloomington, IL

The majority of Elizabeth Graehlings latest two-dimensional work is an attempt to reconcile multiple styles, media, and emotions in a distillation of personal perspective in often curious, bizarre, or disturbing subject matter that deals with disability and loss of control associated with it. Systems that break fascinate and frustrate her.  Elizabeth creates as catharsis on a level accessible and receptive of others' equally confused understandings without demanding or necessitating their inclusion and acceptance.  She seeks to make drawings that embody a literal abstracted sense of self and selflessness...with some intestines thrown in for good measure.

Camron Johnson        Bloomington, IL

Drawing and Illustration has been a passion of Camron Johnson from a very young age.  Skitching and doodling in coloring books quickly escalated to filling up notebooks with stories and designs.  Growing up in Washington, Illinois, he started working seriously in high school and took as many art classes as he could.  After graduation, he went to Illinois Central College and received an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences.  Camron took a quarter to study Illustration at the Savanna College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia before transferring to Illinois State University to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Studio Art-Drawing. The pure permanence of the ink gets his mind racing while attempting to problem solve and create his best work possible.

Ted Micheletti       Bloomington, IL

Ted  Micheletti grew up in the small town of Tremont, Illinois in the 1960's and 1970's.  He studied graphic and fine arts at Illinois Central College and worked in the printing industry for three decades. Beginning in 1999, Ted studied art at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago and was accepted in to The Hyde Park Center Program in 2012.  

Artist Statement:

 " My work is primarily fugurative and relfects my interest in individuality and conformity/isolation and group dynamics.  Making art helps me better understand my experience growing up in sa small, Midwestern town, where gender identity, religion and nationalism were held in high regard.  I work with live models, searching for composition and gestures that resonate with my emotional interior.  The model becomes a mirror.  I see myself reflected in him or her, but in doing so I see our common connection too, which contradicts social prescriptions that dictate difference,  I work in large format to involve my whole body in a rhythmic dance that allows me to achieve long expressive lines.  I often use found substrates-- discarded wood, scrap veneer, warped panels. Their sense of age and decay reflect the timeless struggle of individuals striving to maneuver their social world and the marginalization of those who don't conform to group ideals."